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Our Company

      The Keith family has been committed to quality and excellence for over a century.  Frank and Carrie Keith, were children of Scottish immigrants who settled in the mountains of Pennsylvania in the mid 1800's. They ended up near present day Somerset, Pennsylvania, around 1875. Together they had four children; Georgia, Lewis, Wayne, and Russell. With the exception of Russell, all became plumbers very early in the century.

Lewis C. Keith was the brother who started this century-long plumbing tradition. George and Wayne followed closely behind. In time the family relocated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where all three brothers ran very successful operations. Lewis, who had married Alma Elrick, had nine children - five boys and four girls. All five of Lewis's boys followed in the footsteps of their father. Lewis was infatuated with quality and service second to none and instilled this quality into his five boys - Dick, Paul, John, Dave, and Jim, as they joined him in his professional trade. The sons each took this training and has used it to the benefit of different communities throughout the country. 

Now as the next century gets under way , the sons of John and Jim begin to take hold. Those sons, Mark, Kevin, Timothy, Jason and Josh, are still as committed as the day the founder and pioneer, Lewis C. Keith created this lasting commitment. Kevin Keith moved his family to the east Tennessee area to serve you and your family with that original quality and service that is still second to none. We thank you, our friends and neighbors, for making this possible.

Kevin Keith

Kevin, the son of John Keith, chose to raise his family and serve the communities among the mountains of east Tennessee. He has four decades of plumbing expertise which he brings with him on every call. 

Micah Thomasson

Micah, Kevin's nephew, started as working as an apprentice to the business when still in middle school. He has worked with Kevin since then and is a full time part of the business as he carries the Keith commitment to quality service to homes and businesses across the Tri-cities and beyond.

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